Because Animals

The majority of pet food is made using animal by-products and meat deemed unfit for human consumption. These otherwise unusable ingredients are sold for pet food, thus creating a significant profit arm for the most environmentally-destructive and inhumane commercial operation in the western world - the factory farming industry. Because Animals is committed to changing that status quo by creating ultra-nutritious and sustainable pet food. All of our products are human grade and 100% animal-free. We create our products using plants, algae and cultured meat, and combine these ingredients with nutrients sourced from bacteria and yeast to formulate nutritionally-complete foods for dogs and cats. In March 2019 we created the world's first cultured meat cat treat made with cultured mouse tissue, the ancestral diet of the cat. And, what's more, we grew our tissue without using the controversial ingredient, fetal bovine serum - a feat that no other company in the cultured meat space has yet accomplished. Because Animals is preparing to be the first company to commercialize cultured meat with the release of their cultured mouse cat treat in summer 2020.