• Company Description: APIX seeks to control the bee loss and fully automate the $12 billion pollination industry, by providing beehive processing machinery equipped with proprietary bee health diagnostic technology, thus allowing commercial beekeepers and corporate farms to reduce bee loss and labor costs.

• What's the product? APIX creates a beehive processing-line installed in a mobile 20 ft shipping container for corporate farms.

• What are the functions and features? The processing line uses image recognition to categorize beehive health condition and provide maintenance and treatment combination tailored to each beehive.

Specifically, the line includes a proprietary non-chemical treatment to kill off over 90% Varroa mite parasites (an invasive species from southeast Asia) — the number one cause of bee death.

• What makes our product unique? First-in-market automation machinery that effectively controls bee loss.

• What is our price point and market size? $50 per beehive per year for processing service. $700 million US market. $12 billion global (US, Canandian Australian & East Asian) markets.