Alternative Plants

Valuable plant sources of bioactive ingredients are inaccessible in the wild, others are impossible to farm, or they produce compounds of interest only for a short period during season, making large scale production of consistent ingredients difficult to execute. Establishment of cell cultures form such medicinal plants gives access to these resources. Efficient cultivation of established plant cell cultures is our tool to produce bioactive ingredients that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and have the superior performance characteristics. Controlled, sustainable, highly standardized cell cultivation and extraction process combined with scrupulous chemical and biological characterization provides consistent quality and strong efficacy claims. Our first patent pending skin regenerating cosmetic ingredient was launched to the market in Q1 2018 and is already generating revenue. Two other ingredients (with anti-acne and anti-inflammatory activity) will be launched in Q2 2019. We have recently opened our pilot manufacturing facility where scaling of the first three products has been already achieved. Our current focus is on cosmetic ingredient market, however we clearly see opportunities to expand to other markets as food, medical devices (wound care) and pharmaceuticals as well. We are raising a seed round for business development in Europe and Asia, further product development, scaling and IP protection.