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Aanika Bio (fka Carverr)

Aanika Bio leverages synthetic biology to build a suite of solutions that can trace and authenticate various products in the supply chain.

Locations: United States


Achiko has created user-friendly diagnostic testing integrated with a digital passport solution for the management of COVID-19. AptameX™ includes DNA aptamer-based technology that is cost effective, chemically synthesised, and widely applicable to the evolving diagnostic field of healthcare. Together with the digital mobile health app Teman Sehat™, Achiko is developing potential technologies that seek to […]

Locations: Indonesia

Aluna Medical Diagnostics

Aluna is a portable spirometer with a mobile interface that objectively tracks asthma severity to allow for a personalized and real-time action plan. Aluna automatically tracks your FEV1% over time. You can also monitor your symptoms, medication, exercise, and environmental factors. With the Aluna app, you can easily share your lung health data with your […]

Locations: United States


Avidbots is building autonomous robots for commercial floor cleaning. Avidbot’s sweeping and scrubbing robots cooperate to clean department stores, auto dealerships, education facilities, and airports. These robots automate the most labor- and time-intensive part of commercial cleaning.

Locations: Canada

CASPR Biotech has a COVID-19 test leveraging the CRISPR Cas-12 enzyme that is cheap and rapid, at point of care. The San Francisco and Buenos Aires-based company started 2 years ago, went through IndieBio, and originally worked on Zika virus and other genetic testing. Caspr’s methodology delivers positive tests results very quickly after RNA extraction (1 […]

Locations: United States


Circadia enables the early detection of respiratory complications, the third leading cause of death, to save patient lives. The company provides an inexpensive, medical-grade, frictionless solution to clinicians in order to help improve patient outcomes, reduce provider workload and reduce the cost of care. Circadia’s C100 Contactless Respiratory Monitoring System conveniently monitors patients with acute […]

Locations: United Kingdom


Darma is the world’s first “inactivity tracker”—a non-invasive smart cushion to monitor your sitting habits and improve your physical and mental health. Darma uses novel sensor technology to offer actionable guidance to improve posture, balance sitting time, and reduce stress.

Locations: United States

Diadem Biotherapeutics

Diadem Biotherapeutics, Inc. is a platform therapeutics company developing a broad pipeline of first-in-class immunotherapies. Diadem is engineering exosomes to be inhalable cell-specific immune modulators. Exosomes are small, virus-sized particles released by cells to communicate throughout the body. Leveraging expertise in genetic engineering and scalable bioprocessing, Diadem is developing cell secreted nanovesicles precisely engineered to […]

Locations: United States


OACP is a “fast reagents” company with reagents that are 18% faster, available in quantity, and less expensive than reagents used by the U.S. FDA and CDC. OACP can provide 100,000 tests per week with a 1 hour 6 min turnaround time using standard qPCR processing, which is 18% faster than CDC tests, roughly 45% […]

Locations: Ireland

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