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AngelList is a platform for startups to meet investors, talent, and incubators. Accredited investors can invest in syndicates alongside some of the best angel investors in the world, while over 10,000 companies are actively hiring from our pool of over 200,000 active candidates. Our mission is to serve startups and eliminate the frictions along their […]

Locations: United States

AngelVest Group

AngelVest Group’s mission is to help our members identify and invest in compelling early-stage businesses in China. We also provide a venue for entrepreneurs to raise early-stage capital from accredited angel investors. Entrepreneurs typically seek to raise from USD $100K to $500K and can enjoy the benefits of continued interaction and mentorship by their angel […]

Locations: China

Asset Direct

Asset Direct allows anyone to easily launch and build a business selling financial products and services. Our financial product marketplace truly allows anyone, from individuals through to large organizations, the ability to sell financial products to their customers.

Locations: Canada


Cobalt is an innovative software company working to develop an indispensable suite of business intelligence tools for the front offices of the private markets of fund operators and investors. The first of its kind, Cobalt GP is the business intelligence platform built specifically for the front office of private fund managers, helping them to unlock […]

Locations: United States


bitHolla is a crypto solutions provider specializing in white-label exchange and wallets technology. The HollaEx Kit is bitHolla’s flagship open-source exchange solution that can be entirely self-setup for free. bitHolla also provides secure cloud exchange hosting, liquidity solutions, and automated crypto trading bot services. The range of crypto services by bitHolla are purpose-built to guide […]

Locations: South Korea


Bizbaz offers financial intelligence solutions to financial institutions, fintech firms, e-commerce and telecommunication companies in Asia. Bizbaz’s full suite of financial intelligence solutions include but are not limited to comprehensive risk assessment, alternative credit scoring, fraud detection, eKYC, financial product aggregation and recommendation.

Locations: Singapore


Bluum offers tailored digital health insurance products.

Boost Capital

470M+ people in Southeast Asia are underbanked, and most banking is still done at brick-and-mortar bank branches. Boost transforms Financial Institutions from off-line to on-line… expanding their client base through smartphone-delivered financial services. Boost’s Platform enables micro-loans through smartphones. Our tech onboards loan applications digitally – and consumers love it because our service is 100x […]

Locations: Cambodia


CanCan is a cloud-based software service that provide real-time, critical financial and management information to SME owners and managers. With our team of financial and accounting consultants, software professionals, and business management experts, CanCan also improves the productivity of employees and accountants by digitalizing business flows and connecting them to financial systems.

Locations: China

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