HAX Takes Over CES With Unprecedented Innovation


We wrote for Forbes about China being the untold winner of CES, the giant annual consumer electronics show. France had a strong presence too, under the #FrenchTech banner. But there was another winner: HAX.

haxHAX Startups Proudly Representing at CES 2017

HAX brought the largest private group to exhibit at CES: a staggering grand total of 82 startups, from consumer devices to robotics and health tech.

HAX @ CES in numbers:

+ 82 Startups participating

+ 50 private tours given to retailers, investors, distributors and media 

+ 2 sold-out events co-hosted with Kickstarter and HP Tech Ventures

+ Meetings with Target, Best Buy, Brookstone, Amazon, Wal-mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, QVC and more.

+ Multiple awards, including:

Hat tip to our Shenzhen and San Francisco teams who designed and prepped the booths, shipped large amounts of scaffolding from China, drove a truck from SF, and gathered over-qualified manpower to assemble the whole thing 🙂

unpackNow it’s time to pack up

Until CES 2018!

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  • Sean O'Sullivan

    Ben. Nice job at HAX/CES… It was cool roaming around the show floor and seeing a handful of booths of HAX startups that were as big as multinational F500 companies! My how things have grown.

    Huge amount of awards! Nice.

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