Paul Feldstein

Recognized as a highly qualitative creative thinker with breadth of experience spanning academia and hands-on laboratory research in the life sciences. Focused experience in biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, and immunology. Effectively addresses both business and scientific needs at every level to achieve desired expectations. Brings a well defined passion for science, experimentation, and overcoming challenges with an eye towards innovation. Committed to continuous improvement and progressive development.

● Well developed interpersonal and communication skills; collaborates fluidly with a diverse group of teaching professionals, students, stakeholders, and administration.
● Acts as a resource with strong leadership, advisory, coaching, and supervisorial experience.
● Develops and delivers new classroom content aligned with core content requirements at the high school and University levels.
● Outstanding ability to synthesize science and deliver curriculum and lectures with enthusiasm and a flair for presentation to a wide range of audiences including scientific community members.
● Demonstrates exceptional laboratory and troubleshooting skills; analytical, methodical, and a high degree of spatial intelligence in problem solving.

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