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Madeleine Allen

Madeleine’s passion for physics has provided her with a relentless curiosity about natural phenomena at all scales. Right now, she’s obsessed with developing robust and creative solutions to the world’s pressing need for renewable energy storage.

At Khepra, Madeleine has helped lead the company from idea stage to raising a pre-seed round and has grown a team of 2 into an expansive network of consultants, contractors, advisers, and potential customers. The company is redefining the potential of renewable energy by curating a two-sided marketplace that valorizes waste streams while providing alternative energy storage.

Prior to that, Madeleine was an engineer at Lockheed Martin, where she worked on infrared imaging technologies that are deployed on the F-22, the F-35, satellites, and other systems. She participated in research and development roles as well as innovating and rapid prototyping for customer deliverables.

Madeleine has a breadth of research experience. She studied the deployment of ml algorithms to examine and predict cryptocurrency behaviors (UCSB Department of Statistics and Applied Probability), for which she was awarded a distinction for exceptional promise in research for her publication. Prior to that, she was a materials scientist for INM Leibniz Institute for New Materials in Saarbreucken, Saarland, Germany, where she worked on the breakthrough Gecomer material structure.

During her time at UC Santa Barbara, Madeleine earned a BS in Physics and graduated with high honors. In addition, she explored her interests in Computer Science and Statistics. Madeleine was a mentor through the California NanoSciences Institute, where she helped incoming students in STEM from underrepresented minority groups.

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