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Jelena Vulevic

Jelena Vulevic has a PhD in Gut Microbiology and 20 years of experience in developing therapies based on microbiota in gut, immune and brain health. She has collaborated with some of World’s leading research and clinical centres and was involved in nearly 50 clinical studies. These included populations from infant to elderly, frail to obese, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, Clostridium difficile infection, IBS, IBD, cancer, schizophrenia and autism. Dr Vulevic has academic research experience having spent more than 11 years at the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy at the University of Reading, UK. In February 2011 she moved to industry at Clasado Biosciences until June 2019 where she worked as Medical Liaison/Scientific Affairs Manager moving onto R&D as Manager and then to Head of R&D for the last last 2 years. She is adept at cross functional collaboration, interface with both clinical and commercial stakeholders and in identifying project issues/opportunities, management of budgets, projects and labs. Dr Vulevic has a proven track record of oral presentations and various publications ranging from peer reviewed to invited editorials and newspaper comments/interviews.

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