SOSV’s “Mobile-Only Accelerator” is a leading mobile app accelerator, which allows best in breed mobile solutions from mature markets to rapidly penetrate emerging mobile markets.


With a community of 1.3 million pre-screened workers and growing 20% each quarter, MyRobin is streamlining the staffing process to ensure trust, commitment, and flexibility required in The New Normal. In addition to providing on-demand, pre-screened, full-time and managed workforce within 24 hours, MyRobin is changing the lives of 100 million workers in Indonesia with benefits including payday loans that boost retention and satisfaction.

More than 500 million people will get on the Internet for the first time in the next three years in India, mainly through low-cost refurbished smartphones. MobiGarage is innovating the US$40 billion dollar smartphone market by disrupting the second-hand mobile supply chain, selling refurbished smartphones with certified components and warranty that are 70% cheaper than new smartphones. Processing around 20,000 smartphones a month, MobiGarage is growing 15% monthly and has recently entered a strategic partnership with Walmart for India.

India’s fuel delivery market is already worth US$128 billion. Yet more than 80% of the market is served by unlicensed vendors, selling fake and contaminated fuel delivered in unapproved tankers. Deliverfuel is India’s first fully licensed, on-demand fuel delivery service with tech-enabled delivery tankers. Partnering with the government’s oil companies, Deliverfuel has signed over 150 corporate clients and already delivered 600,000 liters of fuel.

Tokn is an AI-powered community platform that connects the 20 million small businesses in India with 500 million mobile-first consumers in their neighborhood. Powered by Machine Learning, Tokn enables digital SMEs to promote each other and to target the right customers. Within nine months of launch, Tokn has driven 100,000 customers to local merchants, resulting in over US$500,000 in GMV.

Smartphone usage causes 21% of car accidents in India, where there are more car accidents than anywhere else. Vani is a seamless voice interface for the hundreds of millions who don’t speak English, the differently-abled, and the elderly. Beyond hands-free voice commands, Vani is the first-ever and only app that allows users to share screens even with low connectivity. Within two weeks of launch, the app was trending at No. 1 in Google Play Store India. Since then, Vani has reached 2.5 million installs in South Asia and is growing 15% every quarter.

Over 100 million knowledge workers, from consultants to advisory services to trainers, have lost as much as 90% of their business due to COVID-19. Superpro helps knowledge workers adapt and thrive online by providing all the tools they need including web pages, marketing, scheduling, video calls and even payment. Superpro recently partnered with India’s largest analytics community with half a million professionals and is rapidly expanding in the country.

Serving more than 2 million monthly active users, PriceOye is the second-largest ecommerce platform in Pakistan, growing 38% month-on-month as of August 2020. With a business model similar to China’s, the company is catering to Pakistan’s 210 million consumers by providing authentic, high-end products at low prices.

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