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Everyday 250 million people across small towns and cities in India struggle to see because they can’t find an affordable pair of glasses. ClearDekho is the Warby Parker for the India mass market offering quick and easy purchase of US$7 glasses through online & offline stores.

We currently have 25 stores with revenue growing 40% month on month. We are adding 6-7 stores every month with a deal to open 100 more stores through a partnership with Growthroots. Focusing on Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 small towns and cities, ClearDekho is poised to reach 75% of the Indian population.

MIFON helps users get their lost phone back without the need for power or an internet connection. Focusing on mobile first users in India, South East Asia, the Middle East & Africa. MIFON also includes core smart phone utilities such automated cleaner, backup & anti-malware in a compact space & battery efficient footprint. Currently protecting 2M smartphones, MIFON active users are growing at a rate of 12% per month.

In the ever changing world of social media, the only constant are the people at the end of the channel. We are profoundly passionate about creators, and putting them front and center has been our driving force from day one. So we’ve set out to build a different model: to reimagine social media where control is in the hands of creators, not platforms. Where those driving engagement are compensated, not the networks they use. Where communication is direct, no intermediaries. Where everyone can be seen. This is Escapex, and it's just the beginning.

Achiko let unbanked people pay via their mobile phones.

We have several offices, but the main one is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our major markets are emerging markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine and other southeastern Asia countries. There are 2 billion unbanked people with mobile phones. International players like Google Play and App Store are designed for those who have bank accounts/credit cards. But we Achiko are super local, we partner with online and offline channels like Kiosks, ATMs, shops and telecom carriers, so we can provide the right payments to our customers.

We have already brought half a million a month, more than 650,000 monthly transactions and 100,000 monthly unique users.

Unboxed is a verified influencer marketing guaranteeing identity, influence, and impact. Because people trust each other more than advertising, micro-influencer marketing is 5 times more engaging and has 11 times higher ROI than traditional marketing.

Influencer marketing is a high touch process that is hard to scale globally. Unboxed solves this problem and superscales influencer marketing by incentivizing the social media crowd and tapping into a network of millions of micro-influencers to perform tasks via mobile app. This approach eliminates fraud, matches the most relevant micro-influencers with branded products, protects brand safety and scales campaigns. By using blockchain, Unboxed guarantees that the results are verified and secure.

Unboxed has worked with over 100 global brands including Mars, Nestle, and Philips running campaigns in 9 different countries. Unboxed’s team of 11 is based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Fleksy Keyboard is a dynamic and customisable keyboard compatible with all your favourite apps, allowing users to type on WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Telegram and thousands more. Fleksy lets users easily find images, videos, songs and other files, all in one place while chatting, emailing or taking notes. Type more, switch less!