Community Update: Fall 2015

Community Update: A summer of perks and meetups Greetings from SOSV land! We’re fully into fall here, and, in an effort to relive the glories of the summer past, we thought we’d send [...]

The Road to Investment

Before you even think about getting investment you really need to get some traction ..if you want to succeed. Investors get bombarded with ideas all the time. But the only true way of proving an [...]

Committed to Irish “Can Do”

The english language expression “It’s as plain as the nose on your face” means that something is obvious, perfectly clear to see. Have you ever noticed, though, that your nose is practically [...]

Four Cs To Get Ireland Moving

Politicians and business leaders in Ireland talk a lot about supporting job creation, and economic growth. We know we cannot accept the status quo. The economy, though perhaps improving, is just [...]

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