Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 7-11-16

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Photo: HAX China is kicking off!

In case you missed it, here’s the biggest news from the SOSV accelerator ecosystem last week!


HAX Boost IV: Active Tech is here! Meet the new cohort. (Source: HAX)

The URBAN-X accelerator model for ‘engineering the city-as-a-service’. (Source: Best The News)

China’s HAX accelerator to invest in Indian startups. (Source: Times of India)

Nura headphones tailor their sound to your ears. (Source: CNET)

Nura headphones adapt to you to make music perfect. (Source: Forbes)

Aussie startup Nura Breaks Crowdfunding Record With Futuristic Headphones. (Source: Moshtix)

5 success stories from the emerging Internet of Things market: Including Foobot & BabyBe. (Source: SitePoint)

Mistbox makes your AC sweat its way to better efficiency. (Source: Design News)

Chinese start-up Makeblock aims to help students learn programming for robots. (Source: SCMP)

Does your sous vide gear really need wifi? Ask Nomiku. (Source: Engadget)

Holiday snaps get immersive with Giroptic‘s 360-degree photos and video. (Source: Astra Awani)


Memphis Meats is making real meatballs in a lab without killing a single animal. (Source: Tech Insider)

What kind of startups were born at the UK’s first Biohackathon? (Source:


Coder Dojos giving autistic teens pathway to a career. (Source: Community News)


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