The SOSV Human Health 100 is an annual list that presents the top companies in the SOSV portfolio. They range from unicorns making a huge impact to pre-seed startups emerging from SOSV programs.


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SOSV Human Health 100

SOSV’s core mission is human and planetary health, and the Human Health 100 showcases that commitment, alongside the SOSV Climate Tech 100

We published the first SOSV Health Tech 100 in February last year in order to establish our top health-related companies across our HAX, IndieBio and Orbit programs. The list also helps explain SOSV’s strong performance on venture leaderboards for health, including strong rankings in many of PitchBook’s health-related investor leaderboards, including Healthcare devices & supplies, women’s health, pharma and biotech. 

At SOSV, our vantage point for health is informed by living at the deep tech intersection represented by our startup development programs HAX, IndieBio and Orbit—the Shibuya Crossing of hardware, genetics, and frontier markets.

General Partner, IndieBio

From SOSV’s standpoint, each company on the Human Health 100 represents a unique window into the very rapid advances taking place in fields as varied as cancer therapeutics, CRISPR platforms, assistive robotics, and remote healthcare, to name a few.  As SOSV general partner Po Bronson argued last year, scientific breakthroughs are seeding new products and new startups at a breakneck pace even as the need for more cost-effective and scalable healthcare has never been more apparent.

For the 2023 edition of the Human Health 100, there are 18 new companies, and the aggregate valuation of the companies is $6.47 billion (up 14% from $5.65B in 2022), and all told the firms have raised $1.42 billion (up 42% from $1B in 2022). SOSV, which invests starting at pre-seed and continues through later stages, has invested $96 million  (up 32% from $73M in 2022).

As with the SOSV Climate Tech 100, the diversity and sophistication of our health companies and founders is striking. Nearly 30% of the companies have a woman co-founder. The companies are located in 17 countries; topping the list are the US (59), Canada (9) and the UK (9), followed by France (3). 67% of the startups have at least one PhD co-founder. A  total of 52 companies graduated from the biology-centric IndieBio while another 38 hail from hard-tech focused HAX program.

To learn more and see a list of the 18 new companies that joined the Human Health 200, read the full post.

SOSV’s 2023 Human Health 100 – The List 

SOSV’s Human Health Ecosystem

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