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The leading Venture Capital run program for scientists and engineers to develop the entrepreneurial mindset

The top internationally established founders and investors are inviting you to join a world class program to build your entrepreneurial potential.

Find your Momentum

Deep tech entrepreneurs exist at the edge of innovation. Facilitating the transformation of theory into reality, their success is measured in their tangible impact on the world around them.

Many of the best entrepreneurs originated from hard sciences, tenaciously pursuing curiosity. On the surface, their success might seem akin to winning the lottery. As experienced investors in “winners”, we recognise what most turns scientists into entrepreneurs is a relatively simple shift in mindset.

The entrepreneurial mindset can be learned. By exploring the rich experiences of some of the world’s leading deep tech founders and investors. Use this mindset to excel at whatever you commit to.

Flip the status-quo

SOSV’s Momentum program will complement successful applicants’ existing work and ambitions with an entrepreneurial ability. The course is designed to be taken seamlessly with additional projects, research and / or qualifications. Through the 8 week program participants gain practical knowledge of key facets of entrepreneurship and new problem solving capabilities.

Learn how to flip the existing status-quo from the expertise of one of the world’s leading deep tech inventors.

Program Schedule

Week 1: Timing – Finding an ambitous problem to solve

  • Understanding why technology alone is not sufficient to make a business work.
  • Examining a market and looking at what right timing looks like.
  • Establishing product market fit part I.

Week 2: Tech – Building effective solutions

  • Establishing product market fit part II.
  • Intellectual property protection and know how.
  • Returns, repairs and upgrades.

Week 3: Tribe – Finding your people & building your team

  • Understanding why investors do not invest in single founders.
  • How to assemble a high performance team and a following.
  • How to lead and manage a high performance team. (Purpose, OKR’s, Culture).

Week 4: Traction – Getting your solution into the market

  • Sales and marketing as well as how to build both.
  • Shipping: how to get the product into customer hands.
  • Visibility: how to be seen by enough people in the right way to matter.

Week 5: Tables – Buildng your company

  • Understanding a profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
  • Managing the cash.
  • Investor and Customer funnels and how to use them.

Week 6: Truth – Realising entrepreneurship can be learned

  • Understanding the academic and entrepreneurial covenants, as well as the similarities and differences between them.
  • The importance of integrity to any startup.
  • The transformational power of emotional storytelling.

Week 7: Tenacity – “Just keep swimming”

  • Don’t Die (founder splits, running out of cash, mistiming).
  • Don’t Quit (until it’s time).
  • Don’t suck (at what you do).

Week 8: Tipping Points – Getting into a world class program / raising cash / making profits / scaling

  • Choosing your first (and hopefully only) startup development program!
  • Your Series A.
  • Breaking-even and beyond.


Where does the program take place?

The program can be taken remotely with one-to-one mentor and group sessions, either in person or through Zoom. Physical space will be made available at either your current place of study or office space at your nearest location.

How does the program work?

The program is an 8 week course requiring 80 minutes of interactive dolague per week at a given convenient time. The 80 minute sessions will involve physical work planning, a curated 20 minute lecture delivered by scientific founders and investors, and a discussion with experienced individuals in that learning stage of the course.

Do you need a team?

You may apply with or without a team. Part of the program will involve learning how to build, manage, and lead your team.

Do you need an idea?

You may apply with or without an idea. Part of the program will involve developing and streamlining any tech you may have or come up with throughout the 8 weeks.

How would ideas be protected?

Ideas only develop intellectual value when acted upon. Momentum will demonstrate how to develop and protect intellectual property. The program looks to participate in the first funding round as an investor alongside others. You will learn how to pitch to get into a world class startup development program and such programs do take equity.

Who is the program aimed at?

The program is aimed at successful deep tech scientists and engineers who wish to see their technology, innovations and inventions adopted in the world in important ways. There are no restrictions to applicants other than a deep tech focus.

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