Harvey Rockwell

Harvey Rockwell IV is Head of Security and one of two Building Managers at SOSV’s Revolution office in San Francisco. He looks after the safety of all of the SOSV Revolution tenants, and [...]


A Supply Chain technology using RFID and a pricing algorithm to save money and reduce food waste


RISE upcycles spent grain from breweries into sustainable and nutritious flour.


A vertically-integrated CPG company combining South American Superfoods with probiotics.

Lecker Labs

A counter-top yogurt maker with customization to create ready-to-eat yogurt in the morning.


Disrupting existing fruit and vegetable waste through innovative natural products that enhance the convenience of today’s consumer requirements and deliver taste, quality and natural goodness.


Connecting travelers with food guides for authentic, local culinary experiences all around the world.

Dollop Gourmet

Changing the way consumers think of dessert, by removing the junk, reducing the sugar, and making it more fun.

All Beauty

The first line of sugar-free beverages infused with vitamins to enhance skin health.