Trend or Fad?

5 ways to tell the difference So you’ve quit your unsatisfying job, and you’ve made the somewhat foolhardy yet exciting decision to start your own business. You have an idea in mind. [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 5-16-16

Photo: Chinaccelerator Batch 7, 8 and 9 startups went to pitch at CES Asia. (Source: Chinaccelerator) In case you missed it – here’s some top news from SOSV’s accelerator programs last week…. HAX [...]

HAX Boostcamp: Week 1

HAX Boost is a 42-day program for hardware startups that starts with two weeks of intense retail, marketing and business strategy training. Our 11 teams arrived on Monday from all over the world, [...]

Feeding the Bottom Billion with Biotech

This post isn’t about aid to the poorest countries on this planet, or how we can more effectively distribute existing scarce resources, or solve social or governmental conflicts in the roughly [...]

Welcome to Not the Dark Continent

As participants in an SOSV startup, the SafeMotos team knows just how exciting the startup culture is in much of the world. It seems like every industry and country is under a state of [...]

Steven O’Connell

Steven O’Connell is the Program Manager for RebelBio, where he organises all program logistics around recruitment, due diligence, curriculum design, program implementation and growth [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 5-9-16

Photo: HAX 8 is hacking and grinding away. Photo cred: Vitaly V. Vyazovsky In case you missed it – here’s the most popular news from SOSV’s accelerator programs last week…. HAX Infographic: [...]

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