City-Scale Startups Wanted

URBAN-X is an opportunity for all of us to think at a truly enormous scale — beyond individual consumers and beyond businesses. Our goal is to take what we’ve learned about accelerating hardware [...]

What’s in Your Advice Drawer?

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with advice: We seek out advice, and we all love to give it. We certainly like to think we can reap the benefit of good advice, and indeed that others [...]

The Metropolis is Humanity’s Future

MINI and HAX are proud to announce URBAN-X to support entrepreneurs addressing intelligent cities, urban hyper-growth, and society-scale urban challenges. Urban populations are growing faster [...]

3 Biotech Trends in 2016

As we start to look at the emerging trends of 2016 from the vantage of IndieBio, where we see hundreds of biotech project and startup applications, a few key themes seem set to continue from [...]