Four Cs To Get Ireland Moving

Politicians and business leaders in Ireland talk a lot about supporting job creation, and economic growth. We know we cannot accept the status quo. The economy, though perhaps improving, is just [...]

It’s A Distraction Till It Isn’t

A young entrepreneur discovers that there is a new potential market for their product. Till now, their product has been vaguely aimed at consumers and it’s not getting traction. Revenues are a [...]

What Does It Take To Make It? Magic.

People always ask me what it takes to make a company worth investing in. I tell them “Team, Product, Strategy, and Customers”. All four, no more and no less. It’s a bit of a formula, perhaps, but [...]

6 Steps to the SOSV Wholebrain Startup

Introduction We’ve all been told “use your brain” or “engage brain before opening mouth” or been judged as being “a brainless idiot”. We get the idea brains are important. We’ve had them a long [...]